Mud Trippers Five
The muck, yucky, slippery, fun and sexy mud trip continues!
This fifth mud trippin' DVD takes some twists and turns, but ends up as sexy and intoxicating as the previous entries!
Paris Kennedy,
Star, Catherine DeSade, Gummi, Cali Logan, Rockell Starbux, and Sativa will rock your mud buds as they
treat themselves and each other to outrageous mud and clay encounters!
Running Time 114 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Paris Kennedy treats Star to some Bondage and Clay. This is the first of two scenes on this disk that are a bit out of place, but that doesn't mean they aren't very good. They're just different....
In this offering, Paris has brought Star to a deep mud pit for some sexual fun. Unknown to Star though, the kind of fun Paris has in mind is fun for Paris and not for Star.
So, just what does Paris do after shoving Star under the surface?  Watch the scene and find out!
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Next, Catherine DeSade is featured in another 'edgy' scene. She's trying to please the camera, which is telling her to venture into a very boggy wilderness area.
Catherine is unsure of the situation, but continues to follow the instructions of the unseen (and unheard) voice. It's all good for Catherine until she realizes that she's stuck and cannot get out!
The segment ends with her asking for help...
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Then, it's Gummi  Smokin' and Rubbin' in the Mud.  She actually came up with this idea herself. We weren't sure about it, but decided to let her try. And, I'll have to admit - there was definitely
something sexy about it!  What was especially cool was the contrast between her dark red lipstick and the off-white creamy clay. Gummi did a great job slowly submerging her face until
just her mouth was visible. Wow!
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Then, Cali Logan treats us to some Sexy Bog Sinking. The peat she was sinking and playing didn't stick very much, but fans of outdoor mud play will certainly enjoy the stunning beauty of both
Cali and the Canadian wilderness. The camera really enjoys every moment as she slowly sinks into the marsh and then as she delights in the way it feels on her body as she rolls around on the surface.
Beautiful woman, beautiful location, sexy bog sinking!
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Then, Paris Kennedy shows us how she is Addicted to Mud.  She's all dressed up with somewhere to go, but just can't help but notice a nice clay pit off of the path that she's on.
She also can't help helping herself to the exquisite feeling of the clay on her body!
This is a good old fashioned wallow featuring some really nice full coverage footage. Paris puts her clothes back on at the end and walks off as if nothing is the matter....
Lastly, Sativa enjoys some Nighttime Mud Madness with Rockell Starbux.  This is an all-out mud extravaganza featuring lots of groping, humping and mutual masturbation!
Rockell and Sativa have wonderfully contrasting body types. But even so, it becaomes hard to tell them apart towards the end of the scene. That's how muddy they get.
It's a great finish to a very trippy and arousing DVD. Don't miss out. Order this DVD and take a mud vacation without leaving the house!!

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