Mud Trippers Six
Well, we're up to number six of eight in the 'Trippers' series, but there's no letup on the heat it brings!
Paris Kennedy,
Star, Kymberly Jane, Sativa, Jessica, and Rockell Starbux slip into peat and clay - and your dreams,
when they satisfy their dirty urges in a delightfully dirty ways!
Running Time 109 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Paris Kennedy slips into something comfortable (lingerie) and then into something even more comfortable - creamy clay!
She then heats up the camera and the clay the way only Paris can. In fact, just the sound of her voice can melt candles. You could enjoy this scene
immensely by just listening to it.  Like that's going to happen!
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Next, Star does something that's best described as 'Talk Sinking to Me'. Or maybe a better, shorter way would be 'Sinky Talk'
In any case, she goes absolutely bonkers with the lingo as she sinks deeper and deeper in a quaking peat bog.
Yet another scene to enjoy sans visuals?  Hardly!
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Then, it's Kymberly Jane in the bubbling Studio 588 clay pit.  Do you know Kym?  If yes, then there's nothing more to say...
Don't know Kym yet?  This is as good a place to start as any!

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Then, Sativa treats us to some Sexy Bog Sinking. This is a unique interpretation of how to use a peat bog for sexual benefit. We won't give away the ending,
except to say that's it's fast, and very furious!
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Then, Jessica enjoys some Solo Rubbin' on a Mud Beach.  She finds just the right spot to dig her toes, and her feet, and then everything else into a delightfully
soft beach of squishy quicksilt.  Watch this scene slowly, and you'll appreciate how Jessica really knows how to make the most of a sexual situation.
I doubt that any mud in her life would be bored with her - ever!
Lastly, Sativa enjoys some Dual Deep Clay Eroticism with Rockell Starbux.  This is another all-out mud extravaganza featuring lots kissing, rubbing and muddy oral bliss!
There are aspects of this scene that are reminiscent of "Sink, Bitch!", but without the meanness. Instead, we gat one gal sinking for the pleasure of another, and it's
mutually enjoyed.  This is yet another killer mud scene that alone would be worth the admission for the entire DVD.  You just can't go home yet.
Let the trippin' continue!!
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