Mud Trippers Seven
Well, here's number seven in the 'Trippers' series!
Sativa, Darby O'Riley, Gummi, Kristine, Jessica, Camilla, Rockell Starbux, and Star continue the mud arousal tradition
in sexy style. Didn't you know already? Mud Feels Good!!
Running Time 124 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Sativa lets us in on her nasty little secret. She's addicted to mud!
Like our other addiction scenes, this one starts when Sativa happens on a nice looking clay pit in the woods. What happens next is 'Hard Body Meets Soft Clay'
Wanna talk about hard?  Check out this scene!
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Next, Darby meets up with Best Friend Forever Gummi in a pretty outdoor location!  Gummi has to be on her way. But that allows Darby to indulge in a delicious daydream
that features Gummi as a 'Swamp Thing' lover of the boggy variety. After rescuing Darby from the bog, Swamp Thing Gummi treats her to a loving sink. Hmmm..
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Then, it's Krisitine, rubbing a couple out in creamy white clay.  Nobody can fill out certain outfits like Kristine, and the MPV cameras catch her looking just fine in a
'ripped' body suit and fishnet stockings. Nobody takes to mud like Kristine - and this offering is just further proof of that!

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Then, Jessica Marsh and Camilla Rose discover a Deep Mud Beach. Needless to say, they don't actually make it to the water - at least not right away.
First, Camilla shows Jessica just how happy she is to be in the mud with her. The lingerie isn't the only thing inappropriate here. The kissing and groping and rubbing
are not the thing you'd likely see under the bright sun either. But that just makes it all the more fun. Think of Mud Tripping as a vacation for the mind.....
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Then, Rockell Starbux enjoys some Deep Woods Solo Mud Eroticism.  Heck. With a title like that, who need a description?
Lastly, Star is also Addicted to Mud.  But unlike other mud addiction scenes, she just can't seem to get away from her pit of desire.
As she was ready to leave, she succumbed yet again to her slippery urges, plopped back into the clay, and masturbated to a shuddering orgasm.
Did we keep the cameras running?  Yes.

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