Mud Trippers Eight
Well, here's number Eight in the 'Trippers' series!
Darby O'Riley, Gummi, Kristine, Stormy Rose, Star, Sativa, Kymberly Jane as well as
new gals
Natalia Chaplin, and Candle Boxxx light up the creamy mud with sexy action in the ooze!
Running Time 132 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Kristine, Darby and Gummi get together for a wild ride in the mud!  This is a long scene that starts with Kristine luxuriating in a soft pit of clay.  After a while, she is joined by Darby, who does not hesitate to make Kristine happy to have company.  Finally, Gummi arrives and really throws the action into high energy mode. 
Viewers of this mud fest will delight in all of the twisted action as mud gets into everything and even muddy toes get sucked!  Eee Gads!
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Next, Natalia Chaplin makes a great Mud Trippers debut as she teases the camera with her sinking relationship with a tasty peat bog.
After dipping her feet and legs repeatedly in the smaller section of the pit, she settles in up to her chest and then makes her way into the larger,
more dangerous part of the bog.  That's where she really turns up the excitement by going all the way under.  But, not to worry. She pops up for more teasing!
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Then, it's Stormy Rose, who shows up just what a mud addiction is all about.  Like all of our sexy mud addicts, she happens upon a nice looking clay pit by accident.
But what happens after that is no accident.  She slides into the clay for some private naughtiness, all the while keeping an eye out for intrusions.
Nobody bothers her though, so she is able to satisfy her desire for a stimulating mud bath.  When she's done, it's back on with the clothes as if nothing is wrong!
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Then, Star drives us insane with her incredible version of Sinking About You - in deep clay.  It's actually hard to describe just how charged this scene is.
It starts out pretty hot, and the temperature just keeps climbing from there.  This scene is an excellent example of Star's rise to mud fame during her second
shooting season with MPV.  It's almost impossible to imagine what she'll do for an encore.  Buy this DVD and watch this scene!
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Then, Sativa is a  Good Good Girl in Mud.  Does that actually mean that she's bad?  Probably!
Then, Kym and Gummi are in for some Deep Clay Fun.  But this is scary fun as well as sexy, because the mud pit they are playing has a dangerous, deep
middle section that Kym tries to warn Gummi about.  But even after pulling each other back from the brink of disaster, do you think they
can stay out of trouble?  Probably not.....
Lastly, we introduce Candle Boxxx to MPV customers.  And we're really happy to, because Candle is a true original, and completely hot as heck!
This segment is called Follow Me to the Mud.  It's a new theme that we are exploring, where it's the gal who introduces the viewer to the mud, and offers some basic
viewing instructions.  From there, it's quite a show as Candle gets very generous in what she's will to do, and to show.  Yum Yum Yummy!

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