Mud Trippers Nine
Number Nine?  Number Nine?
Well, if you're old enough to remember that, then don't worry, because this DVD is hot enough to overcome it!
Stormy Rose, Sativa, Kymberly Jane, Lily Cameron, Darby O'Riley, and Natalia Chaplin will make time stand still
as they heat up the mud and your senses in this terrific DVD!
Running Time 102 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Stormy and Sativa let us watch as the get it on in thick, creamy clay. After grinding out a couple, they try cleaning up, but Stormy finds herself obsessed
with Sativa's firm ass, and yet more sex ensues!!
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Next,  Kym is determined to get her dress sloppy with liquid clay and then slap it all over her yummy parts. So, she does just that. She has a great time running the dress between her legs, ripping her dress open, and then finally rubbing herself for the camera. Then she does a nice head first plunge, but gets in trouble when she lets her feet settle into the deep clay, which grabs her and pulls her under....
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Then, Lily Cameron has a mucky bog encounter of the deepest kind, when she strips down to her underwear and slips into natural bottomless ooze. Not satisfied with going under while having an orgasm, she climbs out, sheds her bra and panties and goes for a fast and furious second satisfying sink! Lily really takes to this with
all of her cuteness intact. Check it out!
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Then, Darby is set for a relaxing dip in thick creamy clay. But she's not quite ready for a rush of sexual energy that follows struggling against the thick goo.
It's not what she intended, but her body ended up in control...
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Then, Stormy sets out to titillate the camera by sinking repeatedly in dangerously deep clay. She's a little hesitant, but the good feeling of the clay on her body
causes her to throw caution to the wind. That's not good, because it's not pleasure that she experiences at the end...
Lastly, Natalia is feeling extra horny on a rainy day in the woods and invites us to watch her closely as she pleases herself in creamy clay. The rain has made the clay a little soupy, but Natalia's sexual energy turns it into a nice creamy texture. Cream is definitely the word as she enjoys multiple shuddering orgasms in the sloppy mud!
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