Rubbin in the Mud #2
Even More Soft and Sexy Wallowers!
Running Time 115 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Sasha explores a very muddy shoreline wearing a flowery skirt and summer top. Each time she finds the mud getting deeper, she says "I better take this off" and then backs up and removes more clothing. She eventually settles in deep having stripped down to a thong. Sasha then grinds her ample form into the muck and gets off for the camera!
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Then we get to see some action that was just too hot for Major Mud Play #2 (from MPV). Janice and Violet finish giving each other backrubs in exotic and sticky mud an then settle into side by side self-gratification. You'd probably think that sliding naked in oozing mud would be a good way to cool off in the baking sun.  Not so!
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Next, Kristine shows her soft and sexy side by teasing us in very slippery coal slurry. This stuff was warm and smooth and just waiting for someone to make it even more slippery! This scene is not as explicit as some, but Kristine's natural appeal comes through in a very enjoyable way.
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And sure enough, there's always a single scene that alone is worth the cost of the tape - and here it is.  Jen strikes gold in the setting sun in the form of a perfect little beach that just melts under her feet. She jumps in wearing a white thong and bra and then slips in and out of the water and out of her undies and goes completely out of her mind rubbing herself in the silky mud. 
You just can't pass this up!
Rubbin' in the Mud #2  DVD-R  $40 

Rubbin' in the Mud #2  DVD-R Download
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