Rubbin in the Mud #3
Even More Soft and Sexy Wallowers!
Running Time 115 minutes    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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First, Jenna wanders around in a lush and mucky creek bed looking for a good spot to put on a show. She eventually cozies up to the camera for some muddy rubbing. Jenna is a beautiful and statuesque redhead with a burning desire to please us all.
She dares the viewer to even make it past her scene!
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Next we see Sasha take to some sticky and bubbly muck. She goes for a nice wallow and then strips down in order to get truly filthy! Sasha is a real natural babe and a delight to watch up close as she coos into the camera with her womanly voice....
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Then we are treated to a lesson in mature seduction and desire as Pamela Rose switches it on in the mud. Pam looks great as she slithers into the muck and pushes her buttons and ours. There's plenty of 'moments' to enjoy as well as some tasty close-ups of her mud coated form.
 Who but Pamela could utter such phrases as "You have to do it slow, when you're doing it in the mud" Yeow!

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AAnd finally, Violet slays us with her sexy and nubile body as she takes to a delightful cove of silky muck and rubs herself silly!
This scene (like many in this series) could truly stand as it's own title. Simply amazing!
Rubbin' in the Mud #3  DVD-R  $40

Rubbin' in the Mud #3  DVD-R Download
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