Muddy Pinays - Mud Action DVD #01
The first in an outstanding series of mud action DVDs!
Running Time 131 minutes.    Available on DVD-R
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"Where's My Ring?"
Ami is looking for her wedding ring under the rice shoots in a muddy rice paddy. Why? Because her nasty husband's mistress put it there! Watch as pretty Ami gets more filthy the more she looks for her ring. Poor Ami!
"You Missed a Spot"
Sandra is unhappy with the mud pit. It's too watery and has leaves in it! So she tells her helper Angel to go in and clean it up. Angel tries her best, but mean Sandra just won't let up with her heavy criticism. See what happens when Angel can't take any more!
Muddy Path
Sisters Irish and Cherie can't agree on how to get home, because it has rained and the path is very muddy. Just wait and see how this turns out. They get very muddy, of course! Both Filipina beauties are wearing denim shorts and tight sleeveless tops. Don't miss this!
Cathy and Jane in River Mud
Cathy and Jane are walking along a small tropical river when they start having fun splashing water on each other. That fun evolves into a mess when they start slathering each other with handfuls of mud from the river bank. This is totally messy! Both are wearing cotton shorts and tops.

"We Can Make It"
Andrea thinks that she and Maria can make it past the pump house without falling in the rice paddy, but Maria doesn't think so. Maria was right! After she falls in, Andrea ends up in the mud with her. What follows is some good old fashioned mud wrestling in the squishy rice paddy! Maria is wearing cotton shorts and a sleeveless top while Andrea is wearing denim shorts and a sleeveless top. But they get so filthy you can't even tell!

Soaked Into the Mud
Nicole has just lost a water canon fight with Rose and takes a tumble into the clay pit! Rose soon joins her in the goop and the proceed with some lightweight wrestling. Some 'beginner type' head dunks come at the end. Both are wearing cotton shorts and sleeveless tops.  
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