Muddy Pinays - Mud Action #02
Another action-packed mud DVD from Tropical Shots Media!
Running Time 133 minutes   Available on DVD-R
Rice Paddy Fun with Jane and Nina
Jane and new girl Nina get silly in muddy rice paddy! This enjoyable scene starts with Jane and Nina walking alongside, and then in, a rice paddy ready for planting. They are wearing short shorts, blouses and sneakers. And the mud in the paddy is really messy.
Before long, everything is coated with it especially their hair! 
This is a nice long scene available in DV quality only. It features lots of pushing and rolling around.
Jane and Nina are related by marriage and their resulting friendship is obvious. They really have a good time.
Sisters in Clay
Well, here is our second set of muddy sisters! This time it's Nicki and her sister Dindin. They are both wearing colorful cotton shorts and sleeveless tee shirts as they tussle in a messy pit of creamy clay! You'll enjoy watching as pushing and shoving gives way to getting clay slapped into each other's hair. Not satisfied with that, they end up plastering each other in the face as well. Just another family affair in the mud!
Aiza & Khay in Camo Shorts
New girls Aiza and Khay sport camouflage shorts (I love those!) while having a tussle in gooey mud! Aiza starts out in white heels and a spaghetti strap top, while Khay wears boots and a brown tee shirt. They were supposed to be fighting, buts that's hard when you're good friends. But they make the best of it and get each other filthy along the way. Messy hair fans will delight in this scene because they goop each other's hair several times!
Wet and Very Muddy
It's time to meet Joy and Angel M, as they get wet and then very muddy in this fun scene. These two gals came right from the neighborhood (barangay) that one of our sites was in. The site owner said he had a couple girls for us, and we we gave them a shot.
They had a blast, and looked pretty darn good at the same time!
Joy was wearing plaid shorts, while Angel M's shorts were black denim. They both wore spaghetti strap tops and sneakers.

Here's Mud in Your Hair!
Well, it's better than mud in your eye, that's for sure!
Angel and Aiza arrive at a large mud pit, where Angel instructs Aiza to walk around - and find the deep spot.
Before too long, both of them are in the mud and getting very messy! Angel is wearing short denim shorts and a striped cotton top,
while Aiza is sporting camo cargo shorts and a cream colored tee shirt.
After getting fairly muddy, they start making a game of applying the clingy clay to their long black hair.
Angel and Aiza continue to slop each other with mud, only stopping to chase each other around the pit and play footsy in the clay.
It gets so silly that they end up shaping each other's hair while it's thick with clay!
These scenes (most in Hi-Def) are available for immediate download at Muddy Pinays!  
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