Muddy Pinays - Mud Action #04
Yet another DVD filled with muddy cuties in action!
Running Time 128 minutes    Available on DVD-R
Ami, Aiza and the Mud Pole
Here we go again!
This time, Ami joins Aiza for a round of balancing on the bamboo pole - or at least trying!
Ami is wearing a pale green pleated skirt and matching top with black boots, while Aiza is sporting a plaid pleated skirt, black top and white heels. Ami's boots and Aiza heels come off during the scene.
Ami and Aiza continue to mess each other up in the mud by pushing each other around and then filling their hair with the gooey clay. Some playful action ensues as they try balancing on the pole while laying on top of it. Then, they push each other's faces in the mud for that full coverage look!
A fitting end to another epic scene in the mud!
Rice Farm Mud Fun
Get ready for Meg and Irah!
They're a couple of big gals that have big time fun with monster quirt guns and slippery mud!
Meg is wearing pajama style shorts and a pink spaghetti strap top, while Irah is wearing a tan colored skirt and a white cotton halter style top.
Both of them get pretty wet before Irah slips and falls into a small clay pit.
Meg joins her in the mud and they brawl in it for several minutes - getting completely filthy.  Check it out!
Pearl and Arlene in the Rice Paddy
Pantyhose in the mud? Here ya go!
Pearl and Arlene are walking next to a rice paddy and start to fight over an umbrella. Pearl throws the umbrella into the mud
and Arlene makes sure she follows it. Can you say mud fight?
Pearl is wearing a pale yellow cotton dress with pantyhose and black heels, while Arlene is wearing a peach colored sleeveless dress, hose and white heels. But look fast, because the gals and their clothes don't stay clean for long!
"Don't be Chicken!"
That's what Sandra says to new girl Lanie as she shows her the clay pit!
This is a long scene with a little of everything.
Lanie goes in first and spends a fair amount of time exploring the pit and then rubbing clay on herself. Sandra eventually joins her and also gets pretty well covered. They then spend some time rubbing each other's feet. Then, Sandra gives Lanie a backrub. But this being a mud site that goes for coverage, they end the scene with an all-out brawl!
It was hard to keep from laughing as they assaulted each other's hair and faces with gobs of clay. We were down to one video camera by the end of this, and unfortunately did not capture on video the last moment where they collapsed in the clay. But it's a great scene anyways!

.Deep Mud Fight
What's better than two pretty sisters brawling in the mud? Not much!
This update introduces Chelle, Andrea's sister. Chelle is a couple years younger than Andrea, but is just as fiesty and energetic. Chelle is sporting a bright orange affair while Andrea is wearing a nice (and very sheer) dress.
We call this a deep mud fight because of modifications made to the original pit. Just see what happens when the actions moves to the deep extension! It's loads of fun. In fact, we had to make this scene into two parts just to get all the action in.
Does the action heat up even more?  You bet!
Andrea and Chelle get even filthier, and then they have a race to the deep end of the pit, followed by
standing jumps into the thick mud (Chelle gets deeper on hers).
They finish the scene by plastering each other's hair and faces with the brown goo. It's big time fun!
These scenes (most in Hi-Def) are available for immediate download at Muddy Pinays!  
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