Muddy Pinays - Mud Glamour #01
The first in an outstanding series of Mud Glamour DVDs!
Running Time 112 minutes    Available on DVD-R
Trailer available!!
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Andrea Mud Glamour
Andrea look beautiful as she enters the scene wearing a colorful sarong. She starts putting her feet in the smooth clay and begins to walk around. The sarong comes off to reveal a vividly colored bikini. Andrea then proceeds to cover her entire body with the smooth clay. This is great!
Jewel in River Mud
Jewel explores a sandy river bank wearing cut-off denim shorts and a blouse. She sees a nice muddy area and decides to explore it. Watch as she slowly gets completely covered with sticky black ooze! She enjoyed it, and so will you!
May Mud Glamour
May gets muddy for the camera while wearing a two-piece bathing suit and a colorful sarong. She starts out by walking around in the clay pit, and then slowly gets more and more clay on her body. She eventually covers her hair and beautiful face with the smooth mud.
Island Mud Wallow
How to get over a loud and tiring boat ride? You find a nice patch of mud and wallow in it! That's what Irish does, and she looks great while doing it. She wears beige denim shorts and a black sleeveless top. The mud is shallow, but the scenery is truly exotic. Irish gets muddy slowly and pays particular attention to her bare feet. She heads back to the boat when she's done!

Andrea's Mud Pole Fun
Andrea has a blast trying to get across a goopy mud pit on a slippery bamboo pole! She's wearing a pretty blue dress and black boots. After loosing her balance several times, and getting muddier with each fall, she sits on the pole and removes the boots. But then she's right back on the pole for more fun.  Andrea has a surprising range of moods and looks in front of the camera, and it really shows here. With the boots off, she continues to roam the pit and try to balance herself on the pole. At one point, she sits on the pole and rubs her legs and feet. Near the end of the scene she does a nice face first plop and a couple face dunks in the mud!
She finishes by putting the muddy boots back on.  Good stuff!
These scenes (most in Hi-Def) are available for immediate download at Muddy Pinays!  
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MPMG01 Trailer
Muddy Pinays - Mud Glamour #01  DVD-R  $30 
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