Muddy Pinays - Mud Glamour #02
The second in an excellent series of mud DVDs!
Running Time 142 minutes.    Available on DVD-R
Nicki Mud Tease
Irresistible Nicki drives men nuts - and what more when she pours on the charm in smooth and slippery clay! Nicki wears a pleated denim skirt and sleeveless white top while she slowly gets muddy while cooing to the camera. See if you can resist her!
Jewel in Creek Mud
Jewel is visiting a rice plantation and spots a muddy area next to a footbridge. What does she do? Well, she goes for a glamorous and glorious mud bath of course! Jewel is wearing bleached denim shorts and a colorful cotton top. During the course of the scene, she removes her top and shorts to reveal a bra and panties. She also pays particular attention to her feet and her hair. Jewel is more mature than most of our models, but she's all woman, that's for sure. You can tell that she enjoyed this and we bet you will too!
Princess Mud Glamour
New girl Princess is way hot - and she looks very cool covered in mud! In this scene, she saunters up to the mud pit and slowly applies mud to her legs and arms. Eventually, she gets her whole body in there and more and more of her is coated with slippery clay. She pays particualr attention to her long hair as the scene progresses, and leaves nothing undone on the way to total coverage! Princess is wearing a short blue cotton skirt and a lacy pale yellow sleeveless top.
Angel Mud Glamour
Just have a look at this! Angel does wet and muddy glamour like no one else. In this update, she saunters up to mud pit wearing black short shorts, a pale blue spaghetti strap top and cool looking black boots. Her hair is done in pony tails. After rubbing mud on her legs, Angel walks around the pit. She then sits down in the mud and continues to get more mud on her clothes and body. After rolling around in the mud, she jumps into the deep part a couple times. Then, after removing her boots, she uses one of them to dump mud on her head! The segment ends with a nice facial in the mud. This is a great scene. Watch one of the trailers and you'll agree!

Lady Mud Glamour
It's time to meet Lady! She's kind of shy, but also very pretty, as you can see. Lady steps into the clay pit barefoot, wearing a white sleeveless dress with abstract printing on it. The dress does a nice job of accenting Lady's smooth brown skin.
After applying mud to her legs and arms, she walks around the pit a couple times before rolling in it. The dress eventually comes off. Lady finishes the scene in her bra and panties while rubbing the smooth clay onto her face. Beautiful!

Monique Mud Glamour
How do you finish off a walk on a hot day? With a clay bath of course!
Monique is wearing dark blue jogging shorts, a pale blue halter-style top, and sneakers. She slowly applies cool slippery clay to every inch of her body before dipping her face in. Lovely!  
These scenes (most in Hi-Def) are available for immediate download at Muddy Pinays!  
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