Muddy Pinays - Mud Glamour #03
Another DVD filled with beautiful muddy women!
Running Time 137 minutes.    Available on DVD-R
Ami Mud Tease
Ami looks awesome as she gets completely muddy for the camera. She starts out by stepping into the clay wearing a pretty flowered dress. She smiles for the camera many times as she gets the dress plastered with the goop before taking it off. She then gets muddy in her bra and panties by crawling around the pit and rolling over in the smooth clay. She finishes by dunking her face in the mud several times. Delicious!
Rice Paddy Mud Posing
What do you do with a pretty girl toting a big umbrella on a rainy day? Send her into the rice paddy!
Jane looks lovely as she stumbles into the mud and starts rolling around. She's wearing boots along with her bright orange dress (which tends to slip a lot when muddy - oops). After she gets nice and filthy, she grabs the umbrella and starts to pose in the light rain. This is a unique scene that deserves to be enjoyed!
Zel's First Time in Mud
It's time to meet Zel - as she gets muddy for the first time!
Zel is wearing a black pleated skirt with a light purple sleeveless top and black heels as she locates the clay pit and begins to coat herself.
This is pottery clay from right there in the philippines and it's dark, smooth and shiny!
After applying the clay to her arms and legs, she rolls around in it before dipping her face in and achieving total coverage.
A very pretty girl getting very muddy. We love it!
Nicole and the New Mud Pit
How do you break in a brand new mud pit? Stick a pretty girl in there, of course!
Nicole looks fantastic in an embroidered pair of denim short shorts and a white cotton top. Later in the scene, we get a glimpse of her bra and panties as she removes her shorts and top to get that 'all over feel'. She also lets her hair down before rolling around in the ooze.
Nicole didn't want to dunk her face in the clay, but she did do a great job of looking very demure and appealing in the new mud pit!

Angel's Rice Paddy Mud Posing
Here's more of Angel in the mud!
This time she's strolling alongside some rice paddies and just can help stumbling into one.
She's wearing a sarong and a pretty pink top when she starts to get muck all over her.
About half way through the scene, the sarong comes off and we get to see the super tight short shorts she's wearing underneath!
Angel has a wonderfully nubile figure, and our cameras captured all of it as she completed her mud adventure by getting completely covered.
Way to go Angel!


 Nehy Mud Glamour
Say hello to Nehy.
 She's cute, super petite, and experiencing mud for the first time!
Nehy (pronouned 'nay') starts the scene by stepping into the clay pit wearing emboidered short denim shorts and a white cotton top. She slowly gets the creamy clay on herself and then starts to roll around in the pit, enjoying the feeling of being covered. Later, she removes her shirt and shorts and goes about getting her bra and panties filthy as well. Then, she slips back into her clothes for a nice muddy thumbs up!
Not bad for a beginner...
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