Muddy Pinays - Mud Glamour #04
Would you believe - yet another Muddy Pinays DVD!
Running Time 135 minutes    Available on DVD-R
May's Mud Stockings
 What are mud stockings? Well, check this out! May looked super hot in these shorts, so I thought a great way to show off her superb legs would be to have her dip them deeper and deeper into the mud until she had mud stockings. And it worked!
 This is a long video. It could have easily been broken into two parts, but I like to do that with two-girl scenes. In any case, have a look at this. The photos speak for themselves....
Nora Mud Glamour
Say hello to Nora! She is a classic Filipina beauty with an excellent range of expression.
Just check out the preview video and you'll see what I mean.
Nora is fun! In this scene, she wears a sporty looking skorts and a white top. She removes the skort towards the end of the scene.
She's barefoot for this, and does some nice foot and leg play along the way.
So check Nora out and see if she puts a smile on your face. :-)
Andrea Solo Mud Glamour
Here is Andrea, looking as great as ever!
She's out for a stroll next to a small lake when she notices some mud on the shore. After picking some up and throwing it in the lake, she comes a cross a nice clay pit. It's not hard to guess what happens next!
Andrea is wearing a pea green pleated skirt with a nice looking spaghetti strap top (no bra) and white heels.
As with most Muddy Pinays scenes, she ends up with her clothes, and herself, completely covered. Very nice!
Nicole Mud Glam #2
Who's pretty in pink with mud all over?

That would be Nicole!
She's wearing a pretty pink dress and white undergarments - but also a smile that could melt ice. Have a look at these pictures and you'll see what I mean. :-o

May Paddy Mud Glamour
Ready for more May?
 You should be! Because May is ready for mud, and ready for the camera, as she strolls amongst paddies filled with fresh mud!
She's wearing a brightly colored bikini covered by a nice green sarong. After paddling around in the thick mud, she gets down and dirty while still wearing the sarong.
She eventually gets down to just the bikini and gives the camera some nice muddy looks!
There were workers nearby, so we didn't linger the way I would have liked (no total coverage on this one), but May looks great in any case!

Angel M Mud Glamour
Do we use neighborhood girls?  Well, if they look like Angel M, you bet!
Angel M is wearing a tight green dress and black heels as she saunters into view - and into the clay pit.  She is completely at ease in front of the camera, and isn't the slightest bit embarrassed when her top slips a couple times. :-o  After coating herself with the sticky mud, she walks around the edge of the pit before 'taking the plunge' in the deep part. After that. she rolls around in the goo while posing for the camera.
And , of course, she dips her face for total coverage. What a neighborhood!
These scenes (most in Hi-Def) are available for immediate download at Muddy Pinays!  
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