Deep Fun in the Tropics #2
The second in a series of fun and sexy sinking action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 105 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, May and Shane D take turns saying "Push Me!" And they mean it - as they push each other further and further into a thick, yielding peat bog. They keep getting deeper and deeper with each plunge and eventually submerge in a mildly dramatic fashion. All in all, it's good dirty fun with lots of exertion against thick and mushy peat.
Then, Nicole and Chelle (Andrea's sister) briefly play tug of war before pushing each other around in the Philippines peat pit. There's lots of sexy struggling with each other and against the grip of the deep peat. Towards the end of the scene, there is some lightweight 'rescue' action.
Next, in a playful muckfest, Lyca and Say C take turns pushing each other into a mushy peat pit. Little by little, their personalities show through as they plunge repeatedly into the bog. Towards the end, "push me" takes on a new meaning as they shove each other under the surface!
Then, Jane and Pearl give the mango farm mud pole a workout in this long, fun scene. Jane is wearing a blue halter style top and tight tan short shorts, while Pearl is sporting a striped spaghetti strap top and brown short shorts. Both are wearing sneakers which come off in the course of the scene. Their clothes stay on in this scene, bit neither of them is wearing a bra, and the mess they make is very physical and sexy!

Next, Mia and Day have fun pulling each other into a peat pit, not realizing the danger involved. Lots of good struggling against a dangerous opponent!

Lastly, This is one of those "what if" scenes that I like to see done from time to time. In this case, it was; "What if May keeps jumping into the peat pit. And each time she jumps in, she becomes more aroused, and also wears fewer clothes, until she jumps in naked and submerges while having a nice orgasm?" It was a nice thought, and turned into a great scene!

Deep Fun in the Tropics #2  DVD-R


Deep Fun in the Tropics #2  DVD-R Download
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