Deep Fun in the Tropics #3
The third in a series of fun and sexy sinking action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 135 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, ready for some more "Push Me!" action? Because this is a good one! Nicole (in the rose colored shorts) and Shane D walk straight to the peat pit and get to business. "Push Me" says Nicole and Shane gives her a nice shove into the bog. They take turns doing this, and with each round, the 'push' gets more serious, until they are propelling each other all the way into the middle, deep part of the pit. Of course, things are always more fun with fewer clothes in the way, so first the shorts come off, and then the tops. But throughout the scene, there is nice footage of their bodies plunging into the mire, and then struggling to get out! Towards the end, Shane jumps in after Nicole and they settle deep into the wet peat, each trying to out 'frisk' the other (I think that Shane won this particular contest). They then submerge simultaneously. It wasn't planned, but they wanted to do it! This is yet another nice long look at beautiful Filipinas sinking and mucking about for the cameras. Join in!
Then, Nina is always worth a look, especially when a nearly forgotten gem is brought back to life, as in the case of this long peat glamour scene. This is not the ultimate incarnation of Nina, but you can see where she's about to blossom into a full blown woman. This scene has been picked over and enhance with extra long camera takes and some additional looping. She does a lot of plunges in this scene, going a bit deeper each time. She also walks topless into the deepest part of the pit as slowly as she can. Very yummy stuff!
Next, Cherry and Merlissa are good friends. And that comes in handy when competing in a (very) messy situation. They play tug of war with a large peat bog between them. And while it might seem that the heavier Cherry would have an advantage, Merlissa gives her all she can handle! In fact, if Merlissa didn't find the rope hard on her hands, she probably would have yanked Cherry in every time! This is a long and fun scene that features a lot of nice looks at two attractive Filipinas in almost constant movement. Of course, the clothes come off as the scene progresses. But they still manage to have fun with the rope - even while topless. Have a peak at these two. Either one is worth reeling in!
Then, you know that kind of gal who might look a little plain, but carries herself in a way that really holds your attention? Well, meet France. She knows how to enjoy life. And she wants us to notice. Will sinking in peat cool her off? Maybe at first. After all, it's not every day that you let your body sink sink deep in a mucky peat bog (France is one of the gals who couldn't touch the bottom). But sink she did, and quite well too. Her submersions are rewarding. But she also got out pretty well also. So, the verdict? France is to be enjoyed either in, or out of the bog!

Lastly, in an extensive re-make of a classic Tropical Shots Media scene, May and Monique battle the peat pole and each other in this epic, messy brawl! This starts out like most of the 'Pole' scenes. Except in this case, May and Monique look delicious in skirts and nylons. May is sporting a pair of heels, while Monique is wearing boots. Neither is wearing a bra - and both end up topless about halfway through this marathon scene. There are many instances of them losing their balance on the pole, sometimes just getting messy, and other times plunging chest deep in the muck. Each time they fall off the pole, they must remove a piece of clothing. Once they are nearly naked, they have a proper romp in the bog, pulling on each other, throwing peat and eventually dunking each other in the slop. It's super easy to be a fan of either of these ladies. They are exceptionally attractive. And this scene has been carefully edited for maximum enjoyment. Don't miss out!

Deep Fun in the Tropics #3  DVD-R


Deep Fun in the Tropics #3  DVD-R Download
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