Island Bog Glamour #1
The first in an awesome series of Philippines Bog Glamour DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
They are pretty. They wallow. They sink.
They are Island Bog Babes doing their thing, just for you!
Running Time 131 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, won't Jane ever learn? It's not the peat behind the ears that gets you in trouble, but rather the muck that's all over your body! Jane happens upon this irresistible pool of wet peat wearing a faded blue cotton skirt and a bright, pale blue and white blouse. She goes into the pit with them on, but they don't last long, because she has to keep them clean.... This scene features a lot of different looks from Jane as she alternates between paranoid, playful and aroused emotions. She is a bit shy about showing her body, but at the same time, we don't come away feeling cheated.
She looks magnificent in the bog.
Then, Gara, a naturally conservative Pinay, lets us see nearly all of her comely body in this deliberately interesting scene. As usual, her shape and movement are instantly captivating. The tight denim skirt look is accentuated briefly by black heels, but they prove to be cumbersome in the thick peat. (There is some genuine struggling to get them off). Gara ditches the skirt as well and looks just as good without it. She purrs to the camera nicely throughout the scene with a soft voice. Towards the end, she goes ahead and removes her top, revealing soft, innocent looking breasts, caked in wet peat. Her submersions are brief. But she comes up in style, dripping with muck, and oozing Asian appeal.
If you have been following Gara, this is a nice way to cap off a collection of her undeniable appeal!
Next, in a redux from a previous Muddy Pinays release, meticulous care is taken to extract every moment of goodness from this rarified video from the Philippines. It's Crystal. And if you haven't noticed her before, you won't be sorry you had a look here! Crystal is one of those special gals that loves to be looked at - and has the looks to back it up. She is stunningly cute and beautiful at the same time. And although her body is compact, it has all the right parts, moving in just the right way. She's a little short on attention span, so the scene doesn't flow like some. But it's loaded with moments that only Crystal can provide!
And, here's a Tease in Peat that you're not likely to forget. Sherly is just a bit older than most of the TSM gals, and puts her added experience to good use, on camera and in the muck! English may not be her first language, so she lets her body do a lot of the talking. Her well proportioned body looks great before and after sliding into the bog. In fact, Sherly is one of the ladies that looks equally attractive while plastered with goo; her strong facial features obvious and still radiant. This is a quality scene, offering time well spent with a woman who takes you (and sinking) seriously.
Show Sherly your appreciation. It's just fine with her.

Next, Nicole Says "I Like to Sink!" And the cool thing is, she really does! Nicole looks as good as ever in a sheer black negligee, adorned with purple flowers. She starts out by sinking up to her chest in the moist peat. But then she says "Not yet..." and climbs out. She does this repeatedly, getting deeper each time. Towards the end of the scene, she removes her negligee and sinks yet again. But for the finale, she climbs out and jumps straight into the deepest part - and then submerges. But not to worry. Nicole re-appears and climbs out, all the time being nice to the cameras.
I think it's safe to say, "We like to watch!"

Lastly, May likes wearing boots! The look awesome on her long legs, and she knows what to do when they get messy! But what happens when they get rooted deep in a peat bog? You start taking your clothes off, of course.... And that's pretty much what happens here, as May spends nearly a half hour frolicking and posing in the Philippines peat pit. She teases quite a bit, but eventually lets her big black boots sink to the bottom. It's struggle, but eventually she gets her legs free, allowing her to wallow in the mucky peat to her delight, and ours!
This is a really nice look at May, sinking and posing and having a good time!

Island Bog Glamour #1  DVD-R


Island Bog Glamour #1  DVD-R Download
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