Island Bog Glamour #2
The second in an incredible series of Philippines Bog Glamour DVDs
More babes. More sinking. More fun.
They are Pretty Pinays willing to sink in the muck for your pleasure. Enjoy!
Running Time 141 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD Download
First, think of it as 'Pretty in Peat'! Crystal saunters into view wearing a short and sexy denim skirt, an off-white tank top, white stockings and black rubber boots. Posing is what this scene is about and posing is what she does! Crystal enters and exits the soft and wet peat many times. Each time, she sheds some of her clothing until she is down to just her panties. At the end of the scene, she does two 'submersions', ending up completely messy. This is a long scene and is very satisfying! Note - this is a re-edited (and much improved) version of a scene that originally appeared at Muddy Pinays.
Then, Angie is sneaking some sexy time in the local peat bog. She has done this before, and really enjoys it. But this time, it seems like the bog is enjoying her just as much! Every time she tries to move in the black, moist mire, she doesn't seem to get anywhere - at least without a serious struggle. You can hear the exasperation in her voice. Even topless, the bog drags on her smooth brown skin, holding her in place. But, she does manage to climb out several times - only to plunge back in (one time out of control!). This is a fun scene for sinking fans, messy fans, and stuck fans. Seriously! Note - this is a re-edit of a scene previously released at Muddy Pinays. However, this is a completely new edit, containing footage previously unseen footage.
Next, it says 'glamour', but Daz took the opportunity to tease the camera - a lot! And that's just fine, because Daz has that sweet look that is very endearing, and yet there is a hint of something mischievous also. And it comes out big time as Daz wastes little time telling us how good it feels, and that she wants company. This is a side of Daz that we correctly suspected would come naturally to her. And of course we still get to drool over her very appealing and nubile body. This scene is edited for maximum enjoyment of the footage, with generous looping of the tastiest moments.
If you like sweet looking Asian gals getting messy in an inviting way, you don't want to miss this offering!
And, like a fine wine, Nina gets better with age, and more experienced. But that's not to say she's not fresh. In fact, this video shows her in her physical prime, ready for anything. And she uses the bog and her body (and her voice) as weapons of arousal. The cameras were ready as well, catching Nina's every move, including several tasty plunges into the depth of the morass.
Especially when she goes deep. So have another look at Nina. The feeling is as strong as ever...

Next, in this low key scene, Gara shows us once again how it never hurts to watch an Asian gal with a sweet body slowly muck herself in a pit of wet peat. Her eye contact is mainly with the still camera in this scene. But even so, it's obvious that Gara is willing to please, as she (obediently) gets dirtier and sinks deeper as the scene progresses. This was a slow moving affair. So the editing favors the end, where we see her rolling around in the muck wearing only panties and a strapless bra. Gara has a body fans of Asian women really enjoy.
If you're one of those guys, you'll be happy to have this little gem in your collection.

Lastly, Cherry is part of a special trio of ladies, along with Crystal and Joan. Aside from being close friends, they are built for speed. All three of them have their own special flavor. But Cherry is emotionally the most memorable. There's something grabby about her, and this scene displays it in nice doses - and for a half hour! She submerges three times in total. And each time, she 'surfaces', she shows how much she enjoys it. Like she says, "Catch your breathe!"

Island Bog Glamour #2  DVD-R


Island Bog Glamour #2  DVD-R Download
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