Island Mud Action #1
Collectors Edition
The first in a series of mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 111 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
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Jane looks very appealing as she first struggles in, and then enjoys, deep clay. Wearing a loose fitting orange dress, Jane walks into the wet clay and heads straight for the deepest part. Of course, it's nice to see her struggle on the way there! Then, she slides into the deep stuff on her way to a couple small but noticeable 'successes' in the ooze. She also manages to sneak in a nice plunge. Satisfied, Jane makes her way back out of the clay pit. The video ends with several minutes of her under an outdoor shower. All in all, a simple, pleasing time with Jane. Definitely worth a look!
Gara, dressed in a tight fitting dress, teases the camera as she steps into thick, creamy clay. She delights in smearing the mud on her as she steps deeper and deeper into the pit. But before long, she realizes that her leg is stuck. Trying to get that leg out, she gets the other stuck even worse! Then we see her settle into the deepest part of the clay and she relishes the feel of it on her lower body. Gara is shy at times - but also doesn't seem to notice, or care, that her nipples are showing at times. Fun stuff!
Shane D fans can never actually get enough of her, so this dose is a real treat. She looks as good as ever in tight shorts and boots. The tight fitting clothes remind us of how squeezable this Filipina is. And her moves remind us of how likely she is to squeeze us back! This long wallow in the wet and mushy peat bog has been split into two parts for clarity. The first part is mostly messy, while the second part features the clothes coming off and some teasing peeks at her luscious body.
Muddy Pinay fans know that Cathy is a real (sexual) firecracker, and now you can get a taste! At first glance, Cathy appears thin. But in reality, she has a unique and very appealing body type - a Sailor Moon in the flesh. Once you realize that she's not malnourished, and quite healthy at that, you begin to also notice how she moves, and how she really need some company! In this gooey scene, Cathy wears out the clay pit and ends up coated with slippery clay. Wet and slippery on the outside, and hot on the inside. Yum!

Sandra likes to put on a show. So when she puts her talents (and smoking hot compact body) to work in thick clay, it's worth paying attention! And she makes it last. Sandra teases us my getting herself messy inch by inch, until her clothes are messy, and her body hot and mucky. The clay is thick and gooey. And Sandra's body is warm and willing. Did I say she makes it last? You get the feeling that she likes good times to take all night--or day. It's what she likes to do. Care to join her?

Lastly, Monique puts on a tan colored skirt and a nice lacy top and heads for a deep and sticky clay pit! Once there, she slops her smooth legs into the mud and makes her way to the deepest part of this secret getaway. Once she settles in, she lets the grip of the thick clay do it's thing and gets 'happy' multiple times. For good measure, she dunks her pretty face in the clay and enjoys being completely covered in goodness. Very yummy!  
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Island Mud Action #1 CE  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #1 CE  DVD-R Download
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