Island Mud Action #5
The fifth in a series of Philippines mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 107 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Nicole puts her body and sexy cuteness through their paces as she heats up the camera on a rainy day in the Philippines.
She pushes buttons as she strips and then humps the pole and her hand. Very satisfying!
Then, Trisha, in a late afternoon scene, wallows in thick clay, getting stuck several times.
She also speaks to the camera occasionally (as if we weren't already interested!) Sexy stuff. :-)
Next, Angel seems to delight in the idea of getting muddy, and this scene shows that well. I also like the way that she takes her time getting completely covered.
Angel has fun knowing that the guys will too.
And, Shane D flaunts her curvy body when she happens upon a pit of thick clay - something she just can't pass on!   She keeps an eye out for onlookers as she takes her clothes off while wallowing in the thick ooze. She ends up naked and completely satisfied!

Next, Trisha takes a playful mud bath in a scenic tropical location. Her clothes don't come off, but she gets completely filthy and looks very approachable.
Good fun for the Trisha fans, for sure!

Lastly, Nina brings the sexy heat like never before in this smoking hot scene from the Philippines. She wants company as she slithers on the pole and removes her clothing.
Nina continues to sex it up as she gets naked in the clay and lets the feeling of it take over. She still wants company, but not as bad!  Very nice!

Island Mud Action #5  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #5  DVD-R Download
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