Island Mud Action #6
The sixth in a series of Philippines mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 103 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, It's Emerald, and she turns up the heat as she gets muddy while making eye contact and flashing her big bright smile! Emerald has a killer body and an overall exotic look that keeps us staring - and that's before she enters the clay pit and delights the mud lovers....
Then, Cherry pushes a lot of buttons and an envelope or two as she tears up the tease theme in the Philippines Peat Pit. First, she goes for sexy shock value as she unabashedly works her bar routine into the shallow parts of the pit. Lots of sexy lingo in English as she suggests a variety of things to do. Then, in a very different vein, she gets into a radical series of submersions.
Quite on her own, she toys with submersion teasing - something we may have to ask for again sometime.
Next, a surprisingly erotic outing in the clay by Andrea. She's normally very reserved, but grinds nicely before sinking into the deep section, where her facial expressions alone are worth watching...
And, Angel R puts her unique stamp on the addiction theme by taking her cuteness into the mud with a great combination of wariness and determination. She has a nice compact body that looks very appealing in the clay, and it's quite a sight when he gets completely covered. At one point, Angel gets bold and straddles the bamboo pole that crosses the pit. Go Angel!

Next, Jane taunts the crap out of the camera by sinking slowly and lifting the hem of her dress. She then heats things up further by continuously asking for company and asking how deep she should go. She submerges a couple times to nice effect.

Lastly, Shane D put on quite a show as she wallows in clay for the sake of sexual gratification - and there's plenty to go around!  Her curvaceous body and willingness to please an audience means that this segment is not one that is easily forgotten (or ignored for that matter!).

Island Mud Action #6  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #6  DVD-R Download
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