Island Mud Action #7
The seventh in a series of Philippines mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 127 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, It's time to visit the clay pit in the Philippines once again, and there's no better way than to enjoy Jane doing her thing. Jane has that delightful blend of boldness and shyness that flickers throughout this muddy romp. But mostly it's boldness, as her lingerie and panties come off, and she seems to (really?) submit to the feeling of the thick mud between her legs. In any case, it's a sure bet that it feels good when legs just can't stop moving.... Check Jane out for yourself!
Then, true May fans know that she is a complete beauty, and here is a video that really showcases her legs and derriere. Lots of nice shots of her dress riding up, revealing her panties. Of course, we would devour all of her, especially when she keeps inviting us to join her. But in this case, we have to settle for watching the bog devour her, repeatedly! This is a nice long scene that is great for guys just getting to know May, and also nice for May fans that just can't get enough....
Next, a fun sensual wallow by Joan. She spend a fair amount of time walking around the mud pit before sinking deep and rocking herself to satisfaction. Joan is completely fetching in a body hugging two piece outfit, that compliments her unique and very desirable body. Her exotic beauty just adds to the appeal. The entire scene has a nice feel, as does Joan!
And, enjoy an arousing respite in the tropics as Michelle brings her nubile body and great smile to the clay pit for some sexy wallowing! She looked great in the peat, but looks absolutely scrumptious as she slips into the thick clay and turns her sexy form into a smear of thick, sticky mud. Michelle is not shy either, as she strips down to her panties and shows us how to hump the mud!!

Next, Crystal lights up the Philippines peat pit with her beauty and attitude, and leaves no doubt as to how fun it would be to join her in the muck! She starts out by munching on a piece of fruit, but before long Crystal is eating up the attention from the cameras. It's really starting to seem like any time we got Crystal, it was like catching lightning in a bottle.
Towards the end, she submerges for our pleasure. Dirty and beautiful at the same time.

Lastly, Shane D gets busy in the clay wearing a nice flower print dress. But the dress doesn't stay on very long because Shane wants to feel the clay all over her gorgeous body. Before long, she is naked and covered in muck. Then, Shane reclines in the clay and proceeds to rock herself to orgasmic bliss in the thick ooze. Afterwards, she stands up and slowly wipes the clay from her body in a provocative way. Sexy!!!

Island Mud Action #7  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #7  DVD-R Download
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