Island Mud Action #8
The eighth in a series of Philippines mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 143 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, get ready for the best (and longest) dose of Cherry yet! She's really in form as she plays the addiction theme well, and then her personality takes over. When she starts to talk about how horny she is (all in English btw), it's very believable. So, if you like hot, trash talking women in mud, this is for you. !
Then, if you want to see a gal with a killer body, dipping herself repeatedly in a deep mushy peat pit, you need to see this. Shane D treats the camera to some absolutely mind blowing shots as she teases in a plaid skirt and sports top. There are top notch shots of her hips and ass descending into the mire, her black thong panties highlighting her superb form. She then removes her top and continues to delight topless, but still wearing the skirt.  Shane continues the visual onslaught by losing the skirt and sinking some more. After a some sexy wallowing around the edges, she plunges into the deepest part of the pit several times. Then, she submerges slowly. After surfacing, she climbs out, puts her clothes back on and walks off, leaving a seriously lasting impression!
Next, Joan fans will enjoy this sexy wallow in the late afternoon sunshine. Unfortunately, that sunshine got on the camera lens for much of the scene. It's been cleaned up pretty well, and honestly, if you can get past the technical issues, it's a pretty cool scene. Joan is definitely built for speed...
And, Cherry is at her bold best as she flashes her big eyes, her big smile, and a lot of other parts as she wallows sexily for the camera. She leaves little doubt as to what she's offering as she gets muddy and shows her stuff both on and off the pole. She caps it off with an invitation that's hard to ignore!

Next, Angie, with her classic Filipina looks, hams it up for the camera while sinking multiple times in mushy peat. This scene is dimished somewhat by Angie taking direction from off-camera, but her attempt at channeling Crystal is kind of cute. At the end of the day though, Angie sinks a lot in lingerie, submerges three times,
and treats the camera to an extended nip-slip towards the end of the scene.

Lastly, in a departure from her usual high energy approach, Shane D treats us to a long and luxurious sexy mud session! She can't resist the mud, but really takes her time enjoying it all the same. There are several sequences that show off her excellent form, and several moments where we get to peak in on her secret pleasure. Very enjoyable!

Island Mud Action #8  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #8  DVD-R Download
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