Island Mud Action #10
The tenth in a series of Philippines mud action DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 153 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, Jazz and Jane, decked out in tube tops, skirts and sneakers, have a go at the mud pole - and each other! Jane (in the grey skirt) has a lot more experience at this sort of thing. So she uses that, and superior body weight, to really get after Jazz. But Jazz is pretty tough and ends up holding her own. Added to the fun is the really deep spot under the pole. Jane gets her sneakers deep into this area and really struggles to get out. They manage to get out of the sneakers, and everything else, finishing the mud fight in the buff. Exhausted, they try to keep their clothes back on as they leave the messy mud pole behind. This is awesome messy action, filmed in the Philippines. Take a trip with Jazz and Jane. It's a good time!
Then, Marian, one of the prettiest girls we filmed is not too beautiful to have a messy addiction. And the cameras caught her sneaking a sensual sink in sticky clay! With the sound of children playing nearby (they can't see her), Marian just can't resist sliding her bare feet into the gooey clay. Not satisfied with just her feet and legs getting covered, she removes her skirt and sinks deeper. Eventually her top comes off and she surrenders her body to the mud. Chest deep, she grabs a handy bamboo pole and uses it to move her soft body back and forth. She orgasms before passing out - only to wake suddenly and realize that she has yet again lost control. Ah, poor Marian. Thank you for making our lives richer!
Next, Nina and Shane have the mud spa to themselves for an hour. So, they are in no rush as they slowly apply the thick clay to each otherís bodies. The afternoon light hits them just right as the mud begins to coat their delicious bodies. Shane asks for a massage and then rubs Nina in the clay as well. It's all serene until Shane gets Nina's hair muddy. Then, it's an all-out brawl! They must have had a lot of pent up energy, because the action is fun - and very messy! The action is punctuated at the end with some nice face slamming in the thick clay. The scene ends with more gratuitous shots of the girls rubbing the thick ooze from their bodies. If you like your gals shapely and messy, this is for you!
And, Joy 'accidentally' passes by an inviting patch of gooey clay and cannot resist the temptation to play. There are kids playing nearby, so she keeps a watchful eye as she smears mud onto her soft legs. Nobody sees her, so she removes her skirt - and then her top. The muddier Joy gets, the less concerned she is about being spotted, and the more turned on she gets. Before long, her panties are off as well, and she humps the thick clay between her legs. Her orgasm is subdued (there really were kids nearby),
but it's plain to see that Joy fed her mud sex addiction yet again on this sunny afternoon!

Next, did you ever imagine that Angel and Crystal would end up in the mud together? Even I was surprised when I ran across this scene, which has never been seen before. Angel and Crystal run in different circles (only Crystal goes topless) and there are moments where there is real tension. Crystal realizes that Angel doesn't want her clothes lost and actually torments her for a while. As if that weren't enough, they were both tired from a long day of shooting. It slowed down the scene (nicely) and added some nice stuck and struggling moments. This is a long look at two favorites getting muddy slowly and deliciously. Towards the end of the scene, they spend a fair amount of time on their feet and closer to the cameras. Check this out. Everyone is sure to be entertained somewhere along the way in this marathon scene featuring two desirable ladies!!

Lastly, in a never seen before romp, Sam and May take on the mud pole - and each other at the mango plantation. The action is familiar as they take turns trying to cross the clay pit on a bamboo pole. Next, they meet in the middle and see who can stay clean. Well, sorta. They actually started getting muddy right away. And May just can't seem to stay out of the deep spot in the middle! Eventually their shorts come off. And then their tops. And then their panties. And all long, they just keep getting more and more filthy - and maybe a little dirty as well. This is a long scene featuring two very attractive Filipinas. If you like Asian gals getting messy, this is a real treat!

Island Mud Action #10  DVD-R


Island Mud Action #10  DVD-R Download
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