Island Mud Glamour #1
The first in a new series of Philippines mud Glamour DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 131 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, is Nina also addicted to muddy sensations? Absolutely! So when she happens upon a convenient pit of clay at the mango plantation, she is IN. She manages to keep her dress clean, sort of. But the rest of what she does is dirty dirty dirty! While keeping on eye out for passerby's, she manages to rock herself to daytime bliss. It's beauty and the mud, Philippine style!
Then, May's delicious body has changed in some subtle ways. Never in a bad way of course, but in this update, we step back in time a bit to one of her first topless efforts. And it's a good one.
In this scene,
May is decked out in a fetching skirt and boots getup, complete with white pantyhose. There's a lot of sinking action, because she gets completely out of the pit each time she removes some of her clothing. But like a good jazz musician, she never does anything exactly the same way twice. It's all variations, but always sexier with each round. After getting down to her thong panties and getting rather bold, she does three quick submersions in a row before climbing out and making her exit. This is long, and rendered at 720p as a complete scene. It's a large file, but worth it. Who would want to be interrupted while taking in May?
Next, Nicole happens upon a patch of gooey clay and can't resist the feeling of it on her legs and body. So she makes her way into the clay, enjoying the feel of the mud on her legs. Not wanting to get her clothes muddy, she removes them as needed, getting more and more of the clay on her. Eventually, she is down to her panties, and deep into her desire! This scene features some really nice 'non touching' arousal, and shows a topless Nicole in a pleasantly flattering way. Very appetizing!
And, it sounds cliché to say "Here's Trisha like you've never seen her before!", but in this case, it's entirely true. We ran into Trisha while she was working at a local restaurant. She asked us if we were still shooting, and we told her yes, but it's topless and beyond - and she signed up! So, here she is, with those exotic almond eyes and voluptuous body, slowly removing clothes in the clay.
If you like Trisha, strap in, because this is a nice long scene that moves through different moods.
The best part is that she had more and more fun as the scene unfolded, not the other way around. Good stuff from the Philippines!

Next, it's Angie, once again, sinking in Lingerie. But this time she goes topless. And that's nice, because Angie has a delightful figure, and it looks great while coated with peat. A couple of nice submersions add value to this scene, which features Angie entering and exiting the muck multiple times.

Lastly, are you ready for a nice dose of Jane in the mud? In this visually pleasing scene, Jane takes us through the paces of beauty covered slowly in brown clay. She has been doing this for a while now, and it shows in how she pleases the camera with sultry looks and a sense of how to use her well proportioned body in the mud. Sit back and enjoy this treat. Jane would want you to!

Island Mud Glamour #1  DVD-R


Island Mud Glamour #1  DVD-R Download
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