Island Mud Glamour #2
The second in a series of Philippines Mud Glamour DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 146 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, muddy boot lovers are going to delight in this deliciously long scene, as well as May fans, for sure. We get requests for boots to stay on, and May obliges, by leaving them on the entire scene, finishing in just her panties (and boots), completely plastered with clay. Along the way she teases us by repeatedly offering glimpses of how she pleases herself. It might not be the most cohesive scene we have shot with May, but it pushes a lot of buttons along the way! Over 25 minutes of May muddiness!
Then, Raine displays her exotic looks for the camera as she gets completely covered in brown sticky ooze! She starts out a bit unsure of what to do, but as the scene unfolds, she becomes more confident. Is it because of the attention she's getting, or the delicious feel of the mud? It's probably both!
Next, Trisha, in a tight dress that stays on throughout the scene, grinds her way into the deep end of a tropical mud pit and satisfies herself for the cameras. She has a hard time staying focused, but gives the cameras some smoking hot looks and glimpses of her sexual self.
And, new gal Ann is a real visual and emotional treat. Check out this offering and you'll see why. Ann has one of those cute-as-a-doll faces, and a comely body to match. In the first part of this segment, she poses at the edge of the clay pit before getting deliciously dirty in the ooze. She gets muddy slowly. Sometimes unsure of what to do, her apprehension simply adds to her attractiveness. Ann slowly removes her dress to reveal a delightfully proportioned figure. She never poses gratuitously, but that just adds to the appeal. She rolls in the clay a few times and applies quite a lot of it to her hair, and some on her face - all the while flashing those big eyes of hers. Towards the end of the scene, she spends a good deal of time wiping the thick clay from her body.  See if you can get past those big eyes of hers. We can't!

Next, Angel is at her absolute best in this intoxicating sinkfest! Considering that Angel is very special to begin with, this scene pretty much becomes a 'must have' for Pinay fans. In part one, Angel teases the camera by slopping around in the shallow sections of the pit. But before long, her legs and skirt become soiled in the goopy wet peat. But then, we get a nice surprise as her shirt gets mucky and sticks to her chest like glue. Then, Angel continues to taunt the camera with her body in the deep peat pit. I have edited a lot of footage of Angel, but I have never seen her animated in the way she was on this day. Lots of attractive expressions to enjoy - as well as two nice submersions at the end!  Yummy!

Lastly, Nina is a good good schoolgirl who delights in getting filthy, both in and out her school uniform! In part one, Nina jumps around, steps into the pit and starts trashing her schoolgirl outfit. Once she is filthy, she delights in jumping into a deep hole in the pit. Then, Nina strips out of her cloths and continues to wallow in the creamy clay. She jumps into the hole several more times and covers herself completely in the mud. Hard to resist!

Island Mud Glamour #2  DVD-R


Island Mud Glamour #2  DVD-R Download
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