Island Mud Glamour #3
The third in an awesome series of Philippines Mud Glamour DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 132 minutes.    Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, May is at her sexy best as she slowly gets muddy, and then topless in a pit of gooey clay. May truly enjoys getting messy for the cameras, and showing off her awesome figure. She practices at home for this, and it shows. This particular scene is a favorite of ours. A little tough to shoot and edit, but it came out great. There are two separate photo sets of this even. Make sure you check those out as well. A true delight for fans of May
Then, our most recent trip to the Philippines marked the return of shooting in rice paddies, and what better way to celebrate that than with Nina! She doesn't do anything remarkable by her standards, but seeing her get comfortable in the outdoor ooze *is* remarkable for muddy Pinay fans - and for lovers of pretty ladies covered in mud. A nice, long look at one of our favorite Filipina gals.
Next, on a hot tropical afternoon, Angie treats us to a nice show in the Mango Plantation clay, dressed up in heels, nylons, skirt and top. The heels don't last very long because this clay is thick and sticky at the bottom. In fact, even with the heels off, Angie struggles quite a bit to move around. But she eventually gets to where she wants to be - which is nearly naked and driving the guys on the set crazy with her body language and dialogue. This is a long scene that follows a long tradition of progressive muddy mess on a hot lady. Towards the end, Angie goes for a proper wallow punctuated with several plunges and a facial dip. Money and time both well spent!
And, ready to meet Chloe? She's cute. She's friendly. And she's getting muddy for the camera - and for your enjoyment. This scene may not be as sexually charged as some of the other 'tease' scenes, but it has a good vibe. Chloe has a natural attractiveness that is hard to ignore once she gets your attention. She makes you feel good, just the way you are. So, let Chloe please you, in her own way....

Next, on a typically hot afternoon in the Philippines, Anne treats us to a nice wallow in the corner of a rice paddy. Adding to the exotic feel of the location is Anne's tall, leggy physique, complete with a nice round tush. This is a real rice paddy. So it's extra daring that she (eventually) 'gets down' to the business of mucking up her clothes and her body. The cameras pay nice attention to her legs and ass as they slurp in and out of the muck. We tried some footage with a handheld DSLR but the extreme heat made it a bit shaky. Even so, the brief, alternative looks are entertaining. If you like tall and (really) messy Asian gals, this is not to be missed!!

Lastly, it's always a pleasure to present great mud scenes performed by our best mud models. And this is certainly one of them. Nicole is one of the original Tropical Shots Media models, and both her experience, and her natural enjoyment for posing in mud are on display. She actually poses nicely on the edge of the pit for a while. But before long, she's into the creamy clay and hitting all the buttons. She occasionally says "I like the mud!". But mostly she proves it by stripping out of all her clothes and relishing the feel of the smooth mud on her body. Yum!!

Island Mud Glamour #3  DVD-R


Island Mud Glamour #3  DVD-R Download
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