Island Mud Glamour #4
The fourth in an awesome series of Philippines Mud Glamour DVDs sponsored by Mud Puddle Visuals!
Running Time 142 minutes.    Available on DVD-R, as well as DVD-R Download
First, Jazz is back! And this time, she trades the mucky peat for the messy clay pit and decks herself out in a dress and pantyhose and leather boots! Jazz has one of those slender bodies that drives some guys nuts. And she puts it to good use by always moving in a pleasing way. Lucky for us, she moves straight to the Mango Farm mud and gets right into the business of getting wonderfully filthy. She removes the boots once they are covered, revealing her nylon clad feet - which then go into the clay as well. Her dress comes off, and eventually the pantyhose as well. All the while, Jazz treats us to some subtle moves, showing that she can really grind it when the time is right... Check her out. You will find yourself satisfied, no doubt.
Then, Fiona make her mud debut a memorable one as she takes her exotic looks into thick, sticky clay. Truthfully, I forgot just how attractive this lady is. She's clearly of mixed race. And is often the case with Filipinos, that worked out very nicely. She has beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin - and seems to be a natural exhibitionist. This wasn't exactly a private setting, so there are only hints of what she would have done, but getting muddy seemed naughty enough for the moment. And she did a good job with that! She got messy slowly, the way we like, and finishes with a nice face dunk. There are nice shots of her throughout the scene, including when she wipes off at the end and puts her nightie back on. Delicious!
Next, Nina looks terrific as she dips her uniquely Asian body in mushy peat while talking to the camera. Her short shorts look great on her, and she looks equally at home in the deep wet peat. Two nice submersions go with nice sinking and wallowing action.
And, new model Jenny tries her hand at getting muddy for the cameras. She's got a great smile and a cute face. She also sports a nice compact, nubile body, which looks great plastered with clay. Like most newbies, she doesn't show a lot of confidence, but that just adds to the charm of this scene. There are nice shots of Jenny rolling and crawling around in the mud and generally enjoying herself. Join in!

Next, On a breezy and hot Philippine afternoon, Nina, dressed in tight black (shiny) pants and black stiletto boots, takes a dip in thick, dark clay. And she does it especially for us. Ever mindful of who is watching, Nina enjoys getting messy. And this freshly mixed pottery clay is very thick, and very messy. So she ends up wiping it off of her body several times, revealing her appealing body. This is a fairly recent look at Nina and her transformation from a young lady to a mature woman is complete. But does she still like a good roll in the mud? You bet!

Lastly, in perhaps her most daring outing in the mud, May turns on the heat with her body and some strong moves in the creamy clay. She says that it's been raining, and that it makes her horny. And then she shows just how much. And really, it didn't take much coaching. Once she realized what she would be allowed to do, she did her absolute best to break the cameras - and the microphone. Check out the preview. But we didn't dare put the best stuff there. That's for 'private' consumption. Also, the scene is extended with delicious footage of May climbing out and wiping the clay from her body. May is one gal who obviously sees mud as a benefit. And she needs company!!

Island Mud Glamour #4  DVD-R


Island Mud Glamour #4  DVD-R Download
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