Wet and Messy Outdoors #1
We always believed that Wet & Messy is best done outdoors. And that's why we always shot outside. And here are the sexy ladies that agree with that idea: Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi, Ludella Hahn, Star and Ashley Lane.
It's not just food that is more enjoyable outdoors!
Running Time 97 minutes     Available on DVD-R and DVD-R Download
First, we have an unwritten rule about what to do when a model truly enjoys something. We just let her enjoy it, and film it as best we can. As it happens, Summer gets the benefit of this rule a lot - because she truly does enjoy the things we have her do. In this case, she delights in the simple pleasure of a bubble bath. She plays with the suds the way they should be played with. And along the way, we get some nice looks at her wet and slippery (and bodacious!) body. Summer also likes to be seen, as it turns out. :-)
So enjoy watching a hot lady enjoy herself. There's pleasure all around..
Then,  Annabelle has been ditched at the prom, wanders around and eventually encounters a tub full of slime the following morning. Time to trash the dress? Yea. Time to let a slippery and messy time wash away the bad feelings? Absolutely! Annabelle thoroughly enjoys the sensation of the wet slime as it penetrates her clothing and turns her body into an attractive mess. She eventually shreds the dress bit by bit before letting it fall from her body. The scene ends with some tasty shots of her very wet and very slippery nylon clad legs. Yummy!
Next, Ludella is going to take a bubble bath and wants you to watch. Are you ready? That would be handy, because Ludella has an incredible body, and a knack for showing it off. And while I'm not a fan of heavy makeup, Ludella's luscious lips really stand out in this, making her all the more delicious to look at. She enters the bath nude. This is all about seeing Ludella (a very successful burlesque model) getting wet and slippery in the suds. Towards the end of the scene, she gets her long red hair good and wet and whips it around.
If you're a Ludella fan, consider adding this DVD to your collection. You won't be disappointed!
Also, in a re-edited version of  'Wrestle to the Finish', the focus here is on Star and Ashley getting messy in a watery marsh - and then in a swampy bog! This is the full version of the mud wrestling that happened in a bright and sunny marsh. Then we see abbreviated footage of the struggle in the swamp bog, followed by footage of the two ladies crawling out of the mucky mire.
If you want to see a big mess and some fun and adventure, this is it!
Then, when you have a hot lady, a big tub and lots of sunshine, you just have to treat everyone to a bubble bath. And why not? Annabelle sure loved it. And the cameras ate it up! Annabelle likes to be watched. And there was nothing in the way of seeing her tight body covered with sheer fabric and wet, glistening suds. She played with them of course, in a playful and yet sexy way. She made sure she bent over several times, letting the clinging fabric slide up and over her awesome ass. Did we mention she’s a natural exhibitionist? Did she get wet? It sure seems like it!
Lastly, when Annabelle was scheduled to spend a day helping us experiment, Summer wanted to tag along. Who are we to complain? And when she saw the tub filled with slime, she wanted to try it? Well, you get the picture - and the video. Summer loves to sink and/or be enveloped. She loves deep clay for that reason, but apparently slime works as well. Because if she was a cat, she'd be purring once she settled into the green goo! She made good use of the tall suede boots she was wearing as well, even slipping them back on after removing her jeans.
Have a look. Our Messy adventures got off to a great start!!

Wet & Messy Outdoors #1  DVD-R


Wet & Messy Outdoors #1  DVD-R Download
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