Mud Lovin' Women
Women loving mud - and each other! This well crafted video showcases five scenes of women in muddy bliss.
Lena, Pamela Rose, Kristine, Skylar and Brittany will delight any mud fan clever enough to grab this DVD!
This is a tremendous value - a medley of muddy, slippery and happy women!
Running Time 135 minutes     Available on DVD-R
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First, Lena finds a nice patch of mud in the desert. She's dressed for the occasion in a nice see-through top and sexy panties. This was her first truly sexy romp in the mud and she makes the best of it! Mud fans will delight in Lena's complete surrender to the sensation of the warm and slippery mud. And foot fans will enjoy several nice views of her bare muddy feet. Does Lena find that mud feels good? You betcha!
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Next, Kristine and Pamela Rose slip into thick creek mud and proceed to please each other in a primal sort of way! Watch as Pamela experiences multiple real orgasms at the hands of one of her favorite mud partners. Pamela is one hot mature lady. But anyone who sees this scene will realize she is a teenager inside when it comes to sex -especially in an erotic setting like this!
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Then, we go back to our first season ever and watch Skylar Nicholas tear up a bathtub full of thick, creamy clay.
You will know she's lovin' the mud when you see the energy she puts into this fun romp!
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Then, Brittany slinks into deep shoreline mud wearing a sexy tight dress. And she doesn't stay 'Pretty in Pink' for very long. She starts lovin' the way the mud feels and proceeds to cover herself completely! Then she starts sliding around, mushing the thick mud into a nice play area.
She gets completely filthy, making a lover out of the wet earth. This scene alone is worth the price of the DVD!
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Lastly, Lena shows what a mud vixen she has become! This scene is similar to her incredible romp on Mud Feels Good #2, but is even more outrageous! You will lose track of how many time she submerges because each time she does, she's lovin' the mud even more. Shot while a thunderstorm approached, you will observe thunder in the mud and thunder in the air at the same time! There's really nothing more to say. Buy this DVD!
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